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“Industry Trademark Application Strategy Manual for Designated Goods and Services” is newly introduced — How to designate goods/services when applying for a trademark from an industry perspective”

In order to enable the specific industry to clearly grasp the required scope of trademark rights to protect its own business and to correctly select the designated goods or services when applying for trademark registration, the Intellectual Property Office has specially edited the "Industry Trademark Application Strategy Manual for Designated Goods and Services" and established the function of "Comparison Tables ...
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Trademark-2020 | New “Fast-Track” trademark examination mechanism to hit the road on May 1 for applicants to secure their rights quickly

To encourage applicants to utilize TIPO’s e-filing application system and to speed up trademark examination, TIPO will enforce a “Fast-Track” mechanism soon. From May 1, 2020 on, the trademark applicants who pay their fees duly and whose documents meet the following requirements at the time of application will find their cases examined two months earlier than others: e-filing applications. Only ...
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Trademark-2020 | Patent and trademark applicants may ask for reinstatement if failing to comply within a statutory time period due to the heated COVID-19 outbreak

As the title of this article suggests, if the delay of a statutory time period is caused by natural calamity or other causes not attributable to the applicant, according to Article 17 of the Patent Act and Article 12 of the Enforcement Rules of the Patent Act, or Article 8 of the Trademark Act and Article 9 of the Enforcement ...
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Trademark-2019 | Changes made to the designated names of goods and services for trademark registration, as well as cross index references

The 11th edition of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services added 485 items and deleted 119 items as well as amended 40 groups, subgroups or notes in total. These changes entered into force on January 1, 2019. The database of the classification and designated names of goods and services established in TIPO’s electronic filing system would be updated simultaneously ...
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Trademark-2019 | TIPO announced the draft amendments to the Trademark Act

To make sure the Trademark Act fits the country’s practice needs, starting from 2018, TIPO has been drafting amendments to the Act. Two consultation meetings, one attended by invited experts and scholars and the other on trademark examination quality, as well as a public hearing on the draft amendments to the Trademark Act, were held. Upon analyzing the suggestions provided ...
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